Vadnagar Excavations 2014-15

The ancient town of Vadnagar (N 23˚48’’; E72˚36’’) is a small railway station on the Mehsana -Taranga railway line of Mehsana district Gujarat. It is 34km north-east of Mehsana town and 10 km to the south-west of Kherelu (Rajyagor 1975:840). It is the headquarters of a Taluka of the same name. Vadnagar is known by several other names; Arkasthali, Anartapura, Anandapura, Chamatkarpura, Nagara, Nagaraka, Skandapura and Vŗddhanagara (Rajyagor 1975:840, Rao and Mehta 1955:19; Rawat 2010:202). The name “Vadnagar” probably derived from the last one. At present the town is located on the southern and south-western bank of a huge lake called Sharmistha.