Home : The Excavation Branch V, Vadodara was established in 1983 to provide adequate concentration on researches through scientific explorations, explorations and excavations mainly but not restricted to the western India.
  About Us : The Archaeological Survey of India has six excavation branches till date.  
  Excavation Branch V : The Archaeological Survey of India has six excavation branches till date.  
  Archiological Survay : Archaeological Survey of India was established in the middle of the nineteenth century (1861CE) for carrying out archaeological activities and researches in the country.  
  Staff : Both these wings are working under the Superintending of Archeologist Dr. Madhulika Samanta, assisted by the Dy. Superintending Archaeologist.  
  Excavations : A brief description of the important sites which were excavated by this Branch has been provided here.  
  Excavations at Banawali : Banawali (29°37'N; 75°23'E) is situated in Hissar district of Haryana, where the excavation was conducted with two main objectives.  
  Excavations at Dholavira : Dholavira (23°53'N; 70°13'E) is a small village located at a corner of the isolated island of Khadir in the Great Rann of Kachchh in Bhachau taluka of Kachchh district, Gujarat.  
  Excavations at Khapra Kodia : Trial excavations were conducted at the Mud Dam (21°25'N; 70°05'E) at Khapra-Kodia, Dist. Junagadh, Gujarat with a view to confirm the cultural sequence.  
  Excavations at Hathab : Hathab (21°35'N; 72°15'E) is situated on a branch of the river Maleshwari in Bhavnagar District, Gujarat.  
  Excavations at Juni Kuran : Juni Kuran (23°57'N; 69°47'E) of Pacham Island in District Kachchh, Gujarat is one of the most important sites situated on a migration route for the Harappans who moved from Gharo Bhiro.  
  Excavations at khirsara : Khirsara is a small village situated at a distance of about seven km south of Ravapar on the Bhuj-Narayan Sarovar State Highway and five km north of Netra.  
  Excavations at Bharuch : The city of Bharuch was a famous port during the early historic period.  
  Explorations : The Branch has carried out explorations in different regions of the country under challenging situations.  
  Exploration in Narmada Valley : Due to trhe construction of dam on the Narmada river under the Sardar Sarovar Project (Gujarat) an area of 3864 comprising parts of Maharastra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh was submerged under water.  
  Exploration at Ladakh Jammu-Kashmir : Explorations were carried out in the Upper Indus valley and its tributaries with objectives of surveying all rock engravings along the ancient trade routes.  
  Exploration in Banaskantha : Partial but systematic archaeological explorations were carried out along the River Banas and the Sipu in Deesa and Dantiwada talukas.  
  Exploration in Dang : During the course studies by the Branch it was noticed that the southern part of Gujarat, especially Dang has remained mostly unexplored by the archaeologists.  
  Exploration in Bharuch : To understand the nature of urbanity in ancient India, basics of city formation and impact of trade and commerce on urban formations, explorations were carried out in Bharuch District.  
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  Current Excavations : The ancient town of Vadnagar (N 23˚48’’; E72˚36’’) is a small railway station on the Mehsana -Taranga railway line of Mehsana district Gujarat.  
  Vadnagar Excavation 2014-15 : The ancient town of Vadnagar (N 23˚48’’; E72˚36’’) is a small railway station on the Mehsana -Taranga railway line of Mehsana district Gujarat.  
  Short History of Vadnagar : The chief city of Anartta(northern Gujarat) was Anartapura or Vadnagar.  
  Archaeological Investigations in Vadnagar : Vadnagar is archaeologically well-known for its majestic Toranas of the Solanki period.  
  This Year's Excavations : The documentation work of Vadnagar was started on 16th October 2014 and preliminary investigations were completed by 21st October 2014.  
  Process of Excavations : The excavation work was inaugurated on 5th January 2015.  
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Excavation Branch V

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Excavation Branch – V,
Archaeological Survey of India

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