Process of Excavations in Vadnagar

The excavation work was inaugurated on 5th January 2015. In this excavation Lot and layer system has been adopted for documentation and understanding the site. A trench is evenly dug with the help of picks and shovels and the depth of each dig never exceeds 10cm. Therefore each lot is of 10 cm thickness approximately. After each dig, the surface of the trench is scraped to get an even level and then brushed to understand the composition of the deposit, antiquities, features (pit/dump/hearth/oven/kiln/floor etc.) and structures present therein.

Currently the Branch is excavating at three locations in Vadnagar under the direction of Dr. Madhulika Samanta.

  1. 1. Near Kirti Torana
  2. 2. Baba-No-Tekdo Locality I
  3. 3. Baba-No -Tekdo Locality II.