Explorations in Narmada Valley

Explorations in Narmada Valley, Gujarat (1993-94)

Due to trhe construction of dam on the Narmada river under the Sardar Sarovar Project (Gujarat) an area of 3864 sq.km comprising parts of Maharastra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh was submerged under water. The part of this area which is in Gujarat was explored by the Branch. Explorations revealed that the area bound on either side of the hill ranges and falling in a narrow valley of the Narmada River was occupied by a microlith using people during prehistoric times. Most of these microlithic sites are either located on elevated terraces along small rivulets or on hill slopes and all of them are open air sites. Locally available chalcedony was used as raw material for making tools. The absence of protohistoric and early historic sites in the area indicates that no cultural development took place in the valley till the medieval period when a few temples were constructed at locations easily approachable in the valley.