Explorations at Ladakh

Explorations at Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir (1998-99)

Explorations were carried out in the Upper Indus valley and its tributaries with objectives of surveying all rock engravings along the ancient trade routes. In the course of explorations, several rock art sites starting from the Prehistoric to the Historical periods were noticed along rivers the Indus, the Shyok and in the Nubra valley. These rock carvings are fairly distributed all along the ancient trade routes connecting Ladakh with Central Asia and Tibet via Nubra, Chang Thang, Zanskar, Da-hanu and Batalik regions. Themes of these engravings include hunting scene,vehicles and animals of transportations, religious symbols and community dancing, besides fauna like ibex, yak, camel, sheep and goat.

A survey of Buddhist cave shrines and Gompas was also carried out in order to understand the establishment and development of Buddhist architecture in Ladakh region.