Trial Excavations at Khapra-Kodia

Trial Excavations at Khapra-Kodia (Mud Dam), Gujarat (2000-01)

Trial excavations were conducted at the Mud Dam (21°25'N; 70°05'E) at Khapra-Kodia, Dist. Junagadh, Gujarat with a view to confirm the cultural sequence and to date the Mud Dam often referred to in Ashokan Rock Edict at Girnar and subsequently in Rudradaman’s inscription at the same place. Actually the dam is located on the north-western side of Girnar bound by Jogania hill on the one side and Uparkot on the other, touching almost the end of Khapra-Kodia caves on the south-western side.

The excavation has revealed that the Mud Dam was raised over the chiseled natural sandstone bedrock. A silver coin of Chastana is among the important finds. Further explorations in the Girnar valley have brought to light a series of Early Historic settlements along the banks of rivers.