Excavations at Juni Kuran

Excavations at Juni Kuran, Gujarat (2003-04)

Juni Kuran (23°57'N; 69°47'E) of Pacham Island in District Kachchh, Gujarat is one of the most important sites situated on a migration route for the Harappans who moved from Gharo Bhiro. One set of people reached Kuran and then moved to Dholavira and the other went to Luna and from there to Desalpur and other places. The site was excavated with the help of remote sensing palaeo-channel data to ascertain the cultural sequence. The excavation revealed two cultural phases i.e. the Mature and the Late Harappan. On the whole, the city is rectangular in form, guarded by fortifications and closed gateways at cardinal directions. A Citadel is found in the north, a Middle Town in the south, a ceremonial ground in-between these two and the Lower Town on the west.

The northern area of the Citadel revealed a Mature Harappan phase having two mud brick platforms, 6m in length, 3m in height, encased with random rubbles of eleven courses. The southern part has house complexes with lanes in the partly excavated area.

According to the excavator, the significant discovery is the existence of two stadia, one for the elite and other for the commoners, which were encountered near the southern fortification wall facing the ceremonial ground.