Excavation Branch V, Vadodara

The Excavation Branch V, Vadodara was established in 1983 to provide adequate concentration on researches through scientific explorations, explorations and excavations mainly but not restricted to the western India. The Archaeological Survey of India has six excavation branches till date. These branches are situated at different parts of India viz., Nagpur (created in 1944), Delhi (created in 1971), Patna (created in 1971), Bhubaneshwar (created in 1983), Vadodara (created in 1983) and Mysore (created in 2001).

The main aim and objectives of excavation branches are:

  • Carrying out problem-oriented survey including exploration and excavations of ancient sites and mounds
  • Detailed researches on surveyed and excavated remains of the country
  • Engagement in dissemination of newly acquired knowledge to the public and academia.

Since its inception, the Branch has carried out various excavations and explorations in different parts of the country which attracted the attention of national and international scholars. Major excavations which were carried out by the Excavation Branch V, Vadodara are: Banawali (Haryana), Dholavira(Gujarat), Juni Kuran(Gujarat), Hathab(Gujarat), Khrisara(Gujarat) Vadnagar(Gujarat). Besides these major excavations there were small scale excavations at Girnar(Gujarat) and Bharuch(Gujarat) too.

Superintending Archaeologists of the Excavation Branch V, Vadodara since it’s inception

Sl No. Head of Office Designation Tenure
From To
01 Shri B.M.Pande I/c. S.A 05.03.1983 29.10.1983
02 Shri B.R. Meena I./c. Dy. S.A. 30.10.1983 07.10.1984
03 Dr. R.S.Bisht S.A. 08.10.1984 28.06.1991
04 Shri S.V.P.Halakatti I/c. Dy.S.A. 29.06.1991 06.10.1991
05 Shri G.T. Shende SA 07.10.1991 14.10.1994
06 Shri Hari Manjhi I/c. SA 15.10.1994 01.11.1995
07 Shri B.R. Meena SA 02.11.1995 08.01.1997
08 Shri S.V.P.Halakatti I/c. Dy. SA 09.01.1997 11.05.1997
09 Dr. R.S. Fonia SA 12.05.1997 12.07.1999
10 Smt. Shubhra Pramanik SA 13.07.1999 20.08.2007
11 Shri S. N. Kesharwani SA 21.08.2007 30.05.2008
12 Dr.Shivananda V. Rao I/c. SA 31.05.2008 08.07.2009
13 Shri Jitendranath SA 09.07.2009 01.07.2013
14 Dr. Shivananda.V.Rao I/c. SA 02.07.2013 30.09.2013
15 Dr. Madhulika Samanta SA 01.10.2013 Continues